POWER BIG MEET - the worlds biggest carmeet.
With around 20.000 visitors the meet is a fantastic experience. 

The event has a unique history with visitors from over 40 countries world wide! Power big Meet is now an event known over the world.

Big Power Meet started in Anderstorp in Småland in 1978. The first meet raised about 80 vehicles and 400 visitors. Then the event grew quickly: 1979 at Karstorpsområdet in Skövde, 1980-82 at Elmia in Jönköping, 1983 in Norrköping, 1984-85 at Johannisbergsfältet in Västerås, 1986 at the racetrack Kinnekulle Ring in Västergötland and 1987-2016 back in Västerås.

6-8 july 2017 Power Big Meet was arranged at Hovby airfield south of Lidköping. The Big Meet celebrated 40 years – a success with visitors from all over the world! Also in 2018 and now in 2019 the event POWER BIG MEET will be held at Hovby airfield outside Lidköping in Västergötland.