Check in:
Before you drive in you have to check in at the reception. You will then receive a sign to put in your car. Observe that it is only allowed with one car per campsite. Cars without sign will not be able to enter the area.

Your vehicle must be put on the prebooked site according to the rules. Please respect and keep distance, note how the neighboour has positioned his vehicle. If you feel insecure, please contact the staff.

Contact Information:
The staff/hosts, securityguards and other staff is responsible for keeping peace and order and they will help you if necessary and if theere occurs problems.
Phonenumber to Chief of Guards: +46 721-90 16 82.

Opening Hours:
The Camping opens on Monday 2 July and close at 7 July 2019.
Opening hours of the reception is 07.00 to 24.00 (call in advance if you arrive late).
If you have special requirements about neighboor please book all sites in one booking, otherwise neighbour is not guaranteed.
If you have questions please email [email protected] or phone +46 - 72 - 190 16 79.

Tent / site:
All tentequipment of normal type and size is allowed. It is not allowed to put up tenthouses of a permanent caracter. Caravans must be registered for use/driving by motor vehicle. To put up your own solid equipment such as fences or walls is not allowed. Windprotection in fabric, is allowed but must be placed xloser to a wall than 1,5 meters. The site is not allowed but must be removed at the end of the rentingperiod.
Please respect other peoples wishes to not be disturbed. Driving with motor vehicle in the camping area is only allowed between the checkin and the rented campsite.

Trafic & Noise:
Driving motordriven vehicles in the area is not allowed between 02.00 and 08.00, exception is made for staffcars, guards and rescue vehicles and police.

Barbecue is allowed at signed areas at dry weather. Fire extinguisher and fire blankets is placed around the area (see map).

Toilettes & showers:
Toilettes & Showers is situated near the reception and at specially signed areas.

Washing cars or caravans is not allowed at the camp area.
Business or Selling must not take place at the camping areas, if you do not have a special permit in writing from the camping staff.
Greywater is not allowed to keep in open storage or be let out directly on the ground. It must be emptied at special stations. Keep order at your campsite.
There will be containers placed around the area, to put your gabbage. It is supposed to be sorted as shown on the signs.
The camping and the staff has no responsibility for your belongings. If something has been broken it must be paid by the person who broke it, even if it was unintentionally.
Be careful about the nature. At departure make sure you clean your site thouroughly. There will be a number of restriction signs at the camparea and theese are of course supposed to be folowed.
Since the area is normally used as an airfield, there are installations at the area that we ask you to respect, such as for example landing lights and more. Harming theese installations will make you responsible to pay for repairs and more.

Violating the rules will give the staf and guards the right to dissmiss you away from the camp area and even at your cost to transfer away your car/vehicle and equipment. If you get dissmissed, there will be no refund of the paid fees.
Contact info:
phonenumber: +46 72 - 190 16 79
Adress: Lidköping.

Restaurants and food:
Restaurant and groceries is available at the area, hygiene-products, sandwiches, tobacco and barbecue and pizza menues as well.